Joining Our Club is easy!

We are a small non profit dance club.  We could NOT survive without our members.  Joining High Sierra Swing Dance Club helps support the club so we can continue to offer a monthly dance with a lesson at the Brewery Arts Center. We also try to have a summer picnic dance and a Holiday dinner/dance free to our members when our budget allows it.  A free weekly pub night out at Carson Lanes Fun Center is also sponsored by the club. We could not do all these things without our members, and without attendance at our monthly dances.

                                   Dues:  $30 January to January
                        Pay at any dance starting in January or mail to:

                     P.O.Box 2446, Carson City NV 89702-2446

                            BENEFITS OF JOINING OUR CLUB
                 The knowledge that you are supporting the club
                         $5 off every dance at the Brewery Arts Center
                                      ($10 members, $15 non members)
                FIRST TIME new members get in free the night they join
                          Free summer picnic/dance when fiscally possible
                          Free Holiday dinner/dance when fiscally possible

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